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, urethane (yū'rĕ-than, -thān),
Agent with antimitotic activity; formerly used medically as a hypnotic, but now more often used as an anesthetic for laboratory animals.
Synonym(s): ethyl carbamate
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(yo͝or′ĭ-thān′) also


1. A colorless or white crystalline compound, CO(NH2)OC2H5, used in organic synthesis and formerly as a palliative treatment for leukemia. Also called ethyl carbamate.
2. Any of several esters, other than the ethyl ester, of carbamic acid.
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Liquid colorants for PUR include Reactint colorants, which are reactive, polymeric products for ether and ester urethanes. They are homogeneous, low-viscosity solutions said to be easier to use than pigments.
To most effectively control extreme wear, such as for feed chutes, discharge chutes and turn-heads, Roberge recommends the use of liners that actually embed ceramics into the urethane.
To resist liner degradation in hot, humid climates and further extend liner life, Roberge also advises the use of an ether versus a typical ester urethane formulation.
On the same day as the second administration of urethane, the animals were divided into 5 groups and started to receive antioxidant supplementation.
Figure 2 shows the scanning electron micrographs of the fracture surfaces of PBS-a and poly(benzoxazine-co-urethane)s with different weight percent of urethane. As shown in Fig.
In Latin America, the company will hike its prices by up to USD0.35 per kg for urethane pre-polymers and USD0.55 per kg for speciality curatives.
The final properties of a given urethane system will depend on the stoichiometry ratio used.
When compared to a traditional phenolic urethane nobake mold, both bio-urethanes generate more than 50% fewer overall HAP emissions during pouring, cooling and shakeout and 80% fewer phenol and formaldehyde emissions.
Two-component metering/dispensing system for 1:1 ratio materials such as urethane foams.
The protective urethane coating makes the GelCell Plus waterproof.
Short of leather seats and the structure underlying the urethane foam (hmm...).