ureterovesical junction

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ureterovesical junction (UVJ),

the site of entry of the ureter into the bladder, with an oblique angulation through the detrusor to avoid reflux.
See also: vesicoureteral reflux.
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Ureterovesical junction

The joining of the ureter to the bladder.
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Continued constipation can cause high bladder pressure, reflux, and ureterovesical junction deformities, predisposing the child to urinary tract infection and even pyelonephritis, Dr.
Cystoscopy evaluation revealed a bilateral diverticulum near ureterovesical junction (Hutch diverticulum) and multiple calculi in the diverticulum (Fig.
Urethral steinstrasse is uncommon because fragments that pass through the ureterovesical junction can often traverse a much larger caliber [10].
Therefore, it is usually bilateral and mostly located at the ureterovesical junction.[sup.9] As noted previously, it is rate that metastatic tumour from the prostate to the proximal ureter happens without direct extension.
90% are located superolateral to the ureteral orifice in proximity to the ureterovesical junction [4].
Laparoscopic treatment of ureteral injuries appears to be the method of choice due to its good results.[sup.2] When there is complete injury of the distal ureter, direct ureteral reimplantation or a psoas-bladder or Boari-flap hitch procedure is usually performed to ensure ureterovesical continuity.[sup.1,5] This type of surgical treatment with ureteroneocystostomy often requires ureteral reimplantation to control the physiological function of the ureterovesical junction,[sup.5] a procedure that extends the operating time and increases morbidity.
After advancement of the ureterorenoscope 2 cm proximal to the ureterovesical junction, lateral and medial ureter end up in a single chamber.
At the ureterovesical junction, 3 ureteral segments are distinguished: the juxtavesical, intramural, and submucosal segments.
Her uretero-ileal anastomoses were functioning perfectly; therefore, we wished to avoid a re-implantation and risk stenosis of her new ureterovesical junction. As well, her ileal conduit was created for a primary indication of incontinence, thus the use of her native detrusor would have required a formal bladder neck procedure.
Contrast enhanced CT of abdomen and pelvis showed one large, heterogeneously-enhanced mass in the prostate, imprinting the bladder base and right ureterovesical junction, without clear demarcation from the prostate (Fig.
Occasionally, bladder diverticulum may result from congenital disarrangement of muscle fibers, mostly located in the ureterovesical junction. This is commonly referred to as "Hutch" diverticula.[sup.1] In our case, the latter is the most likely etiology.