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anastomosis of one or both ureters to the sigmoid colon. In this form of diversion of urinary flow there is no need for an appliance because the urine flows into the colon, which acts as a kind of reservoir. The urine liquefies the stool and creates difficulties in patients who are unable to regulate themselves successfully. A disadvantage of this procedure is the constant danger of urinary infection by organisms from the bowel. Indications for it are the same as for cutaneous ureterostomy and ileal conduit.
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Implantation of the ureter into the colon.
[uretero- + G. kolon, colon, + stoma, mouth]
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Surgical implantation of a ureter into the sigmoid colon.
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Mainz II pouch

A segment of the rectum and sigmoid colon used to provide continent anal urinary diversion, which is a therapeutic option in children with bladder exstrophy.
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