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surgical transplantation of the ureters to a new site in the bladder.


An operation whereby a ureter is implanted into the bladder.
See also: detrusorrhaphy.
[uretero- + G. neos, new, + kystis, bladder, + stoma, mouth]


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Yet even when scarring is not present, women with a history of reflux are at increased risk for pyelonephritis during pregnancy, and that's true regardless of whether they've had ureterocystostomy performed.
Events Requiring Reoperation After TVT Placement (*) Event Number of Cases Tape cut 29 Hematoma 23 Tape loosened 16 Suprapubic catheter placement 10 Bleeding/abscess at site of suprapubic catheter 5 Tape removed 3 Tape tightened 3 Bleeding from colpotomy 2 Small bowel perforation 1 Periurethral injection 1 Bleeding posterior repair (**) 6 Bleeding hysterectomy pedicle (**) 2 Tuboovarian abscess (**) 1 Nephrostomy, ureterocystostomy (**) 1 (*)Based on 3,713 procedures performed in Austria.