Anastomosis of ureter to lower-pole collecting system of kidney after amputation of a portion of lower-pole parenchyma.
[uretero- + G. kalyx, cup of a flower, + stoma, mouth]
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The exclusion criteria included ureterocalicostomy (n = 2), simultaneous major surgery (n = 1), drainage using an open-ended ureteral catheter (n = 1), "stentless" pyeloplasty (n = 4), and patients who were lost to follow-up (n = 6).
In the DJ group, one patient had recurrent pain, stones and hydronephrosis, who improved with ureterocalicostomy.
Indication: Robotic-assisted ureterocalicostomy (RAUC) is a potential option in patients with UPJO and significant lower pole caliectasis, patients with failed pyeloplasty and a minimal pelvis, or patients with an exaggerated intrarenal pelvis.
Robotic ureterocalicostomy in the pediatric population.