ureteral reimplantation

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An operation whereby a ureter is implanted into the bladder.
See also: detrusorrhaphy.
[uretero- + G. neos, new, + kystis, bladder, + stoma, mouth]
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Many patients with a markedly dilated renal-collecting system prior to ureteral reimplantation will have persistent hydroureter / hydronephrosis (similar to a latex balloon that does not return to its original size after it is blown up) after reimplantation.
Sadi Konuk Training and Research Hospital (BEAH) and all open ureteral reimplantation procedures in Kartal Dr Lutfi Kirdar Training and Research Hospital (KEAH) and Okmeydani Training and Research Hospital (OEAH).
Many treatments have been described to treat ureteral obstruction: ureteral stenting, percutaneous nephrostomy, ureteral reimplantation, balloon dilatation, and nephroureterectomy.
This manuscript is based on AUA abstract MP54-14 "What Do Preoperative and Intraoperative Urine Cultures Provide for Pediatric Patients Undergoing Ureteral Reimplantation for Vesicoureteral Reflux?" [26].
TBM is still a premature technique that only affords a choice of a simple method by which to deal with failed ureteral reimplantation patients, those with suitable bladder mucosa.
Bivalveing of bladder, Boari flap with ureteral reimplantation and psoas hitch (Figure 1) was carried out in one patient who had associated VVF with ureteric injury.
The case example in Table 3 illustrates multimodal pain management for the pediatric patient undergoing ureteral reimplantation.
Seremetis and Maizels [56] have studied rabbit pups submitted to left partial ureteral constriction and human specimens of renal pelvis and ureter derived from cases of isolated renal obstruction managed by pyeloplasty and nephrectomy or of isolated vesicoureteral reflux managed by ureteral reimplantation. These authors have detected significantly higher expression of TGF-[beta] mRNA in obstructed pelvis than in nonobstructed ones.
Recently, many other procedures have been performed robotically, such as ureteral reimplantation and nephrectomy, both total and partial.
This acquisition expands Salix Pharmaceuticals Ltd's product portfolio with two additional products, which includes SOLESTA, a first-in-class, biocompatible tissue bulking agent for the treatment of fecal incontinence and DEFLUX, an FDA-approved alternative to major ureteral reimplantation surgery for the treatment of vesicoureteral reflux.
Dr James Peabody, a leading consultant in Robotic Surgery at Henry Ford Hospital in Detroit, Michigan, U.S.A., will conduct various Urological Surgical procedures including Radical Prostectomy, Radical Cystectomy, Pyeloplasty and Partial Nephrectomy, Ureteral Reimplantation, Urinary Fistulae, Adrenalectomy, IVC Thrombus Clearance, Retroperitoneal Node Dissection, Live Donor Nephrectomy and Hysterectomy for benign conditions.
Twenty-four patients were augmented with the distal 5.8 cm of a single mega-ureter, with the proximal ureter being managed with either a transuretero-ureterostomy or a tapered ureteral reimplantation. Median ureteral width of the augmenting ureter was 1.5 cm.