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Relating to the ureter.
Synonym(s): ureteric
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IVP correlation findings in patients with "absent" jet flow detected by flank compression Pathology Number of Jet flow is IVP patients "absent" in correlation Doppler US findings in "absent" jet flow cases Ureteropelvicjunction 8 1 Dilatation: stricture Grade 3 Ureteral passage: Grade 2 Peripelvic-parapelvic 5 - cyst Ureterolithiasis 11 2 Dilatation: Grade 3 Ureteral passage: Grade 3 Sequela of caliectasis 7 - (history of calculus, vesico ureteral reflux, operation) History of 5 Dilatation: nephrolithotomy Grade 3 Ureteral Ureteral passage: Grade 3 History of 5 nephrolithotripsy History of 3 ureterolithotripsy Prominent extrarenal 5 - pelvis variation 2 History of 3 - ureterolithotomy (ureteroscopic)
Possible etiologies are absorption of creatinine from the neobladder mucosa or functional aspects of neobladder formation, such as continence, flow rate, incomplete emptying or ureteral reflux. These require future investigation using objective measures, such as urodynamics, to adequately characterize any relationship that may exist.