ureteral orifice

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1. the entrance or outlet of any body cavity.
2. any opening or meatus. adj., adj orific´ial.
aortic orifice the opening of the left ventricle into the aorta; called also aortic opening.
external urethral orifice urinary meatus.
internal urethral orifice the opening from the urinary bladder into the urethra at one corner of the trigone of the bladder.
left atrioventricular orifice (mitral orifice) the opening between the left atrium and ventricle of the heart.
pulmonary orifice (orifice of pulmonary trunk) the opening between the pulmonary trunk and the right ventricle of the heart; called also opening of pulmonary trunk.
right atrioventricular orifice (tricuspid orifice) the opening between the right atrium and ventricle of the heart.
ureteral orifice the opening of a ureter into the urinary bladder at one corner of the trigone of the bladder. Called also ureteral meatus.
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We had no complication, such as stenosis of ureteral orifices or ureteral obstruction, voiding dysfunction, contralateral VUR, urinary retention, and laboratory abnormalities.
patients (%) 736 116 (15.8%) Ureteral orifice 146 (19.8%) 24 (20.7%) dilation* Lithotripsy technique* Pneumatic 268 (36.4%) 86 (74.1%) Ho:YAG laser 468 (63.6%) 30 (25.9%) Operative 35.8 [+ or -] 13.1 35.1 [+ or -] 12.2 time* (min) Stone-free 89.4% 87.1% rate (%) Complications 11.8% 12.1% (%) Group II Group III No.
(A) Task 10 requires placement of a guidewire into the left ureteral orifice. Next, under fluoroscopic guidance, a flexible ureteroscope is used to extract two small stones from the left proximal ureter and renal pelvis with a stone basket.
Patients presenting with large median lobe, ureteral orifice that atypically opens closer to the bladder neck, large ureterocele, severe ureteral kink, nodule or hardness on rectal examination and history of pelvic radiotherapy or transurethral resection of the prostate were included in the study.
In the LSU study evaluating a universal approach, there was no injury detected on further evaluation in each of the 21 cases of low, subnormal dye efflux from the ureteral orifices. "So it's not a benign process to undergo cystoscopy in terms of what the ramifications might be," Dr.
Once the hysterectomy is completed, look inside the bladder and determine where the defect is in relationship to the ureteral orifices. Typically, it will be beyond the interureteric ridge, along the posterior portion of the bladder, usually in the midline.
Surgical technique: In our institution, robotic-assisted laparoscopy bladder diverticulectomy begins with a cystoscopic evaluation to note the location of the diverticulum and its relationship to the nearest ureteral orifice. A ureteral catheter is used to identify the ipsilateral ureter.
90% are located superolateral to the ureteral orifice in proximity to the ureterovesical junction [4].
The technique consists of the injection of bulking agent, regardless of the agent, into the detrusor muscle immediately beneath the ureteral orifice at the six o'clock position.
INTRODUCTION: Ectopic ureteric orifice is a rare congenital anomalous defect of urinary tract resulting from abnormal embryological development, where ureteral orifice is abnormally located and instead of draining in bladder, it drains in to urethra, vagina or in structures of mesonephric duct (ductus deference and seminal vesicles).
A small diameter 7.5 Fr tip facilitates insertion into the ureteral orifice. Active tip deflection provides easier navigation of the ureter and a traumatic visualization of the entire intrarenal collecting system.
Later, questions remain regarding the efficiency of treatment on a urological level and the proper healing of the ureteral orifice.