ureteral ectopia

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ureteral ectopia

abnormal termination of ureter within the bladder, the urethra, or outside the urinary tract.


pertaining to or emanating from the ureter.

ureteral calculus
ureteral distention
ureteral duplication
a rare anomaly in animals in which there is more than one ureter from a kidney.
ureteral ectopia
see ectopic ureter.
ureteral hypoplasia
usually segmental underdevelopment of the ureter causing stenosis and hydronephrosis.
ureteral obstruction
may be caused by intraluminal lesions, e.g. urolithiasis, or as part of pyelonephritis or by external compression of the ureter or as a congenital defect. Sudden blockage causes acute abdominal pain that lasts for several hours. Subsequently or if obstruction develops slowly the kidney on the affected side becomes hydronephrotic; if bilateral, renal failure follows.
ureteral reflux
see vesicoureteral reflux.
ureteral rupture
rupture usually results from trauma; leads to urinoma or peritoneal accumulation of urine.
ureteral stasis
synonymous with obstruction.
ureteral valves
a rare anomaly that may be a cause of urinary incontinence.
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Magnetic resonance urography in children: Evaluation of suspected ureteral ectopia in duplex systems.
Single-system ureteral ectopia to the genital system usually has poor function, and a nephroureterectomy is appropriate when the other kidney has a good function.