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Relating to the ureter.
Synonym(s): ureteric
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With continuous development of China's economy and society great changes have taken place in Chinese people's diet and lifestyle which is accompanied by increasing incidence of lithiasis in urinary system thus rendering it to be a common and frequently-occurring disease in clinic.1 Ureteral calculus is one of the main types of urinary calculi with renal colic and hematuria as the main characteristics clinically and is seriously endangering the life and work of patients.
Plain Abdominal films generally are not recommended unless other conditions like perforations of gastrointestinal tract, intestinal obstructions and ureteral calculus are suspected on clinical assessment.
Although the IVP was reported as normal in one case each with a ureteral calculus, nephrolithotomy history, and extrarenal pelvis, the ureterovesical jet flows were very low on the Doppler jet examination.
The laser is used much the same way it is for a ureteral calculus. A retrograde pyelogram is done to determine the location and length of the ureteral stricture and rule out other pathology.
The left hydronephrosis kidney was caused by the upper ureteral calculus (no enhanced scan because of his high serum creatine) (Fig.
RESULTS: During the time period from 01.06.2012 and 31.05.2013, a prospective randomized comparative study was conducted on 60 patients who underwent uncomplicated ureteroscopy for ureteral calculus. The 60 patients were alternatively allocated to Group A and Group B.
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