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Relating to uremia.


(u-re'me-a) [ uro- + -emia]
Intoxication caused by the body's accumulation of metabolic by-products normally excreted by healthy kidneys. See: azotemia; uremic comauremic ('mik), adjective


Although nitrogen-containing waste products have long been considered the principal cause of uremia, other metabolic waste products (such as glycosylated wastes and byproducts of abnormal oxidation) may actually be the most important toxins responsible for uremia.


Symptoms include nausea, vomiting, anorexia, headache, dizziness, coma, or convulsions.


Dialysis removes many soluble waste products that accumulate in renal failure and helps improve some conditions associated with uremia. Other uremic conditions can be alleviated with a protein-restricted diet, careful management of acid-base balance, and calcium and folate supplementation.

extrarenal uremia

Prerenal uremia.

prerenal uremia

Uremia resulting not from primary renal disease but from such conditions as disturbances in circulation, fluid balance, or metabolism arising in other parts of the body. Synonym: extrarenal uremia


pertaining to or emanating from uremia.

uremic poisoning
see uremia, visceral gout.
uremic toxins
a name given to the many products of metabolism that accumulate in the body with renal failure, and in association with uremia, because of impaired renal degradation and/or excretory capacity.
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