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Relating to or containing urea.
Synonym(s): ureic
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If we understand that the ANFO truck bomb which blew up the Federal Building in Oklahoma City in 1996 was packed with urea compounds, we get an idea what ureic arrack does to the lives of many Dalit.
I don't know about you, but this conjured up a wonderful vision of serried rows of supermarket-style chill-cabinets with the suspicious deposits neatly stacked up like so many ureic popsicles.
Fertilized plots (N+) received 150 kg [ha.sup.-1] N as a liquid solution (15% ureic acid, 7.5% ammonium, and 7.5% nitrate) in three applications (50 kg N at tillering, beginning of stem elongation, and 2nd node stage) while other plots (N0) received no N.