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Jerome A., 20th-century U.S. surgeon. See: Urban operation.
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The G Watch Urbane has got a stainless steel casing with gold finish and a stitched leather strap.
Users can make payments for meals, movie tickets and even transit fares faster and easier with their Urbane LTE without ever taking out their wallets.
Urbane Contemporary style for the modern property or to add imaginative edge to a period refurbishment.
When he's not fronting the fresh run of Grand Designs, or its live show in Birmingham next month, the urbane designer will be hosting this new series - and it's a real labour of love.
Galavotti's bone-dry wit and urbane observations will be sorely missed on england trips.
Noted Pakistan watcher and expert on International relations Pushpranjan said that the urbane charm of Khar stole the limelight." Khar`s personality is very refreshing and she represents the modern face of Pakistan.
CUSTOMERS at Urbane Furniture are personally welcomed by owner Garry Scott.
Provena Covenant Medical Center President and CEO David Bertauski in March retired from the Urbane, Ill., hospital he had led since 2005.
The urbane, Oxford-educated economist, one of the world&'s youngest prime...
AT URBANE APARTMENTS, creative marketing is nothing new and is always successful.
The Fantasy Fragrance Factory may be working overtime on this fine toiletry, as the aroma is said to be a bit more urbane than those of fellow TAG stinkers Carmello Anthony and Ludacris.