urban population

urban population,

n the population of an incorporated area, such as a city or town.
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It has created enormous cities, has greatly increased the urban population as compared with the rural, and has thus rescued a considerable part of the population from the idiocy of rural life.
Moreover, before the twentieth century the world had had but one experience, and that a comparatively light one, in the Communist insurrection of Paris, 1871, of the possibilities of a modern urban population under warlike stresses.
In 2016, World Statistics Pocketbook stated that the annual average growth rate of urban population was 3.
Continuing urbanisation suggests the issue could be important with the distinct possibility that the urban population is underrepresented in the legislature.
Cambodia's urban population is accelerating at a consistent pace, with the number of people living in cities expected to reach around 30% of the country's total by 2030.
According to the comparative table for Europe, the percentage of urban population exposed to over the acceptable norm of (compared to the daily average) pollution levels with PM10 in Bulgaria is 78%.
In the Philippines, 21 percent of the urban population have no access to effective sanitation facilities, the World Bank said.
Vietnam has the sixth largest urban population in East Asia.
The division has 10,217,791 rural and 5,906,193 urban population, according to the PBS census data.
Global mineral supplements market is increasing mainly attributed to growing geriatric population, increasing demand from pregnant women, and rising urban population.
LAHORE -- Over one million Lahorites are suffering from diabetes, while the ratio of the disease among women is two-thirds compared with men, and the urban population has higher ratio of diabetics than the rural population.

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