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urban legend

(ŭr′băn) [L. urbanus]
Myth (2). Urban legends about health care are widely disseminated by patients and practitioners. One favorite is the internet prank that states that dihydrogen monoxide is a deadly toxin widely consumed by human beings. Its chemical formula is H2O.

Most urban legends are not humorous or malicious pranks but are based on misunderstandings or unrecognized errors in reasoning, e.g., the common but false belief that emergency rooms are busiest during certain phases of the moon.

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Thankfully, the Citizen's Advice Bureau has an easy to read guide that can be found at www.adviceguide.org.uk/l_claiming_ compensation_for_personal_injur y.pdf which makes the issue of conditional fee agreements much more comprehensible than the urban myth.
Sounds like a bit of an urban myth but we'll Let It Be...
Penarth Neighbourhood Inspector Chris Owen said: "There is an urban myth that the radios contained a chip that could pick up free satellite television.
" Rumours of the ban started on Facebook several weeks ago and have also been dismissed as an "urban myth" by West Midlands Police.
Urban myth has the spider uses its patterned flaps to glide through the air, the Telegraph reports.
DR Adam Burgess, from the University of Kent, says drink spiking is largely an urban myth.
Was it the letter on April 21 which showed how her "friend's" experience at Heathrow may just have been an urban myth? Or is it because the Conservatives abandon or forget their promises as soon as they are made?
RUMOURS a missing child was found in a supermarket toilet having a hair cut in a bizarre abduction attempt have been marked down as an urban myth.
Living cities; an urban myth?; government and sustainability in Australia.
YOUR article last week claimed that when Jack Kennedy used the phrase 'Ich bin ein Berliner', his Berlin audience took it to mean 'I'm a jelly donut.' This is an urban myth. Kennedy meant he was standing with West Berliners in the struggle for freedom.
Richard claimed chief bragging rights with a double on Arc El Ciel for new trainer Stef Liddiard in the first division of the seven-furlong handicap and Urban Myth for James Unett in the second division of the mile handicap.
A spokeswoman for Weight Watchers said: "I have always thought that this was an urban myth. But in fact it sounds like it makes a huge difference."

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