urban legend

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urban legend

(ŭr′băn) [L. urbanus]
Myth (2). Urban legends about health care are widely disseminated by patients and practitioners. One favorite is the internet prank that states that dihydrogen monoxide is a deadly toxin widely consumed by human beings. Its chemical formula is H2O.

Most urban legends are not humorous or malicious pranks but are based on misunderstandings or unrecognized errors in reasoning, e.g., the common but false belief that emergency rooms are busiest during certain phases of the moon.

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After the attack on Pearl Harbor and throughout World War II, this urban legend began to flourish.
The Snopes site tracks down the truth about urban legends in more than 40 categories, including music, autos, business, crime, food, language, science, sports, and Risque Business.
Rumors, gossip, and urban legends, therefore, figure as just a few of many forms of relationship-enhancing talk.
From snuff films to microwaved babies, alligators in sewers to AIDS-infected needles in phone booth coin slots, urban legends are everywhere.
Producers Gina Matthews and Neal Moritz have completed both Urban Legends in the area, with Moritz returning to produce The Skulls and Matthews coming back up as producer on the cable feature The Wishing Tree.
A SERIAL killer is offing people in the manner of urban legends - tales that supposedly happened to a friend of a friend but probably never did.
It's based on an urban legend. These things excited me...
Its aboriginal culture is also very rich which explains why hundreds of urban legends have been passed on through the centuries.
URBAN LEGEND: Tinchy Stryder will be performing in Coventry in October PURE: Young Tyriek Clement's record has been produced by Reece Nagra (top) TOP CAP: Coventry hip-hop artist Dan W
MYSTERIES and urban legend are part of the identity of all great towns and cities - and Huddersfield is no exception.
Fine watercolors by Meilo So enhance this story of an urban legend in a picturebook requiring good reading skills but promising much.
The extensive site covers almost every urban legend you will have ever heard and many more besides.

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