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Jerome A., 20th-century U.S. surgeon. See: Urban operation.
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Additionally, Caren Franzini, Executive Director of the New Jersey Economic Development Authority, and Lisa Jackson, Commissioner of the Department of Environmental Protection will provide insight into new state policies and programs designed to stimulate investment and development in urban areas.
Due to the impact of the accountability movement of the past two decades with its crushing effects on urban education (see Anyon, 1997; 2005), US schools have resisted allowing for student autonomy (Solomon & Battistich, 1996).
The world map clearly indicates the extensive city-regions that are rapidly forming in southern Asia and coastal China, areas expected to concentrate close to half of the world's urban population within a couple of decades.
No reform short of unloading a dump-truck filled with hundred-dollar bills on the campus of each urban public school will solve today's education ills.
The first of these conversations concerned the world geography of the "races"; the second concerned race and urban reform, particularly concerning public health; and the third concerned middle-class control of urban and suburban property markets.
Although this handbook can present only part of the knowledge required to be fully conversant with any of the methods," these chapters give a good overview of methods available in urban health.
A special concurrent session presented Hurricanes, Urban Forests, and Coastal Communities, with representatives from the federal and state agencies and private forest consultants.
According to Soligan, places like Fallujah provide traditional urban environments, but the Global War on Terror requires a focus on non-traditional urban environments like Madrid, Spain; and New York.
Charlene Cobb, now a student at Philadelphia Community College in Philadelphia, got into urban fiction at age 12 and is still a fan of the genre.
The collection of articles begins with Lee's introduction to the urban school environment and the counseling issues that are prevalent in urban schools.
Urban planning in Osaka, at least until 1919, consisted solely of the construction of roads and trolley lines, with cities seen primarily as centers of economic growth, progress and prosperity.