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Jerome A., 20th-century U.S. surgeon. See: Urban operation.
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We just constituted an advisory group, so it's also a multiagency [body] and it's for the urban poor.
The study acknowledged that averagely, urban children in most countries fare better than rural children, but these averages hide yawning inequalities in urban areas.
Modelling the urban climate condition requires scrutiny of the mechanism of the urban climate, such as the parameters which have a significant impact on the urban climate and their contribution to the climatic conditions (Hebbert, 2014; Ho, Ren, & Ng, 2015; Ibrahim et al., 2014; Ng, 2012; Takebayashi & Oku, 2014).
Also, it explains what gear you need and how to go about being an urban birder and features hundreds of cool images and illustrations of birds in urban settings.
It would also call for hammering out measures needed for successful urban forestry programmes and how to implement them.
These are suitable for the Vietnamese people in urban areas, rural areas, mountainous areas, border areas, and islands to ensure the harmony between the immediate interests and the long-term interests of the nation, based on seeking the ways to develop urban land saving, greenly and ecologically in place of urban that still exist many inadequacies.
A dramatic change in urban form in the world occurred in 20thcentury when automobile hit the market and heavy investments have been made on road network led accessibility to inaccessible areas (Hanna and Kanaroglou, 2007).
The excessive concentration of urban population in metropolitan cities has given rise to a plethora of urban problems such as creation and proliferation of slums, scarcity of water and electricity and other civic amenities.
Montgomery's work attacks another myth: that most urban residents live in huge urban agglomerations, or megacities, with populations of more than 10 million.
Urban Core III will also feature experts discussing the key issues affecting urban revitalization in New Jersey, ranging from eminent domain to brownfield redevelopment to student housing.