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Military medicine
adjective Capable of moving or being moved from place to place and designed to operate tactically in that manner.

Vox populi-UK
noun Cell phone.


Abbreviation for:
More Patency With Beta Radiation for In-Stent Restenosis in the Lower Extremity
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Others, perhaps more apropos to the next generation of upwardly mobile career women, include, "We should start a business," and, "I'm studying to be a doctor.
If you're a Young Upwardly Mobile Professional (Yuppie), Black Upwardly Mobile Professional (Buppie) or a Jewish-American Princess (JAP), can you really identify with the starving children in the Sudan?
com/research/t9jvlw/chinas) has announced the addition of the "China's Advertising Sweet Spot: Targeting Young, Upwardly Mobile Consumers with Digital Media" report to their offering.
6million he is a fantasy bargain, and you should be bringing him in ahead of a more gentle run of fixtures for the upwardly mobile Eagles.
The upwardly mobile Black Cats are in the process of their biggest overhaul for nearly a decade, having already signed four players while completely altering the structure of their recruitment and scouting departments.
Catering to a vast audience of young and upwardly mobile consumers, XSEL is well-positioned in China with its unique content and access.
COMING UP IN THE Tomorrow A star on the rise The upwardly mobile Jason Maguire talks to Lee Mottershead a bout how his career is going in the right direction Tuesday Pricewise on the Arkle It's one of the most fascinating races of the festival - and Tom Segal is on the hunt for the best value Wednesday Pat Haslam interview The veteran trainer looks back on his long and distinguished career and son Ben talks about plans for the stable in an interview with Steve Dennis
Friday's goalless draw at table-toppers Tranmere made it ten points from the last four games, seeing the upwardly mobile Bescot boys with the play-off zone in their sights.
A study that spanned more than 70 years found breastfed babies were more likely to be upwardly mobile.
In a cunning move, each course is set for a different house, with farm boys Daniel and Adam on hors d'oeuvres duty, upwardly mobile townie snobs Lol and Esther - and their globe-trotting daughter Bridget - entrees hosts and antiques dealer Inga is on schedule for the dessert.
The plot: A middle-class 30-year-old under pressure from a mother who has upwardly mobile stars in her eyes, must decide if it is just as easy to fall for mysterious (maybe shady?
David Bach, guru for the upwardly mobile and author of the highly successful "FinishRich" books and seminars, has made some profitable real estate transactions of his own at Tribeca's 145 Hudson Street, between Beach and Hubert Streets.