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1. Upsilon, 20th letter of the Greek alphabet.
2. Symbol for kinematic viscosity.


The 20th letter of the Greek alphabet, Ψ.
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Abbreviation for upsilon; pseudouridine.


(υ) (ŭp'si-lon)
1. The 20th letter in the Greek alphabet.
2. Symbol for kinematic viscosity
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4-8 was actually an offshoot of the original Upsilon Summit, organized mainly as a golf tournament by the Davao alumni chapter headed by Robert Aranton '81 on April 26-28, 1966.
Having been invited to several Upsilon functions, I've noted the camaraderie among the senior and junior brods, their bond "tempered like steel," wherever they meet.
This unprecedented event, Thad said, is consistent with the purpose and objective of the Upsilon Sigma Phi Alumni Association, such as maintaining the strength of the fraternity, protecting its fine traditions, facilitating communication among its members, and fostering the spirit of good fellowship and commitment.