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1. Upsilon, 20th letter of the Greek alphabet.
2. Symbol for kinematic viscosity.


The 20th letter of the Greek alphabet, Ψ.
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Abbreviation for upsilon; pseudouridine.


(υ) (ŭp'si-lon)
1. The 20th letter in the Greek alphabet.
2. Symbol for kinematic viscosity
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Some student leaders who are Upsilon members have announced their resignation from the fraternity as various student councils, gender groups, and netizens expressed rage over the leaked conversation.
The leaked conversation, said to be among fraternity members, comes on the heels of a reported frat-related violence between Upsilon and the Alpha Phi Beta fraternity.
Concepcion also assured that he "will not protect any fraternity brother who may be found culpable of these kinds of offensive acts" and called on his fellow Upsilon alumni to "support me in this position, so we can bring the fraternity forward into a new and more progressive century."
Its move comes hours later the Delta Upsilon fraternity suspended its chapter over alleged racism.
Upsilon Re II is managed by Renaissance Underwriting Managers Ltd.
Upsilon cells and detectors of other image features, such as changes in brightness, constitute the forward layer of the retina's three-tiered structure.
Upsilon Pi Epsilon and the ACM Membership Activities Board strive to encourage academic excellence for students in the computing discipline.
Upsilon Andromedae's spectrograph revealed that the star was gyrating wildly in space.
In one portion of the leaked group chat, when one member shared a woman's statement against strongman Ferdinand Marcos - himself an Upsilon member - the messages that came after insulted women and called them dumb.
The motto of the social organization is "Life, Learning and Friendship." Local chapters currently include Beta Nu (Jeanne Wagner, president); Alpha Upsilon Master (Andrea Costilow, president); and Omega Delta (Tammy Schroeder, president).
Coinciding with the celebration in Paris of the 100thyear since the signing of the Armistice which ended World War II is the Upsilon Sigma Phi Fraternity's centennial celebration highlighted by the signing of President Duterte of Proclamation No.