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Colloq. usage for moving a tooth into an erect position.
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On the edge of the river I could faintly make out the only two black things in all the prospect that seemed to be standing upright; one of these was the beacon by which the sailors steered - like an unhooped cask upon a pole - an ugly thing when you were near it; the other a gibbet, with some chains hanging to it which had once held a pirate.
(for the place would not near admit his standing upright) as ridiculous as can possibly be conceived.
Square being now arrived in the middle of the room, in which part only he could stand upright, looked at Jones with a very grave countenance, and said to him, "Well, sir, I see you enjoy this mighty discovery, and, I dare swear, take great delight in the thoughts of exposing me; but if you will consider the matter fairly, you will find you are yourself only to blame.
At the end of upright spear-shafts the long tufts of dyed horse-hair waved crimson and filmy in the gust of wind; and beyond the blaze of hedges the brook of limpid quick water ran invisible and loud under the drooping grass of the bank, with a great murmur, passionate and gentle.
Look at him; he stands upright in the tossed bow of the flying boat; wrapt in fleecy foam, the towing whale is forty feet ahead.
Constructed with a fully welded tubular upright, SK2000 closed-tube roll form rack systems provide higher impact resistance over open-back style uprights.
Apart from a wooden upright at each corner, you will need uprights for every 1.8-2m of the structure, not only the sides but the middle as well plus an extra upright to take the door.
It works by installing two vertical shelving uprights to the wall and then inserting brackets into these uprights.
We had cylinder vacs, uprights and wet-and-dry cleaners dotted around the place to deal with carpets and hard flooring.
Rack damage also occurs when fork truck operators push pallets, empty or with product, against end row uprights, which can bend their diagonal or horizontal bracing.
If you have block or concrete walls in your garage, attach the base, uprights and top flame with lag shield anchors and lag screws or expanding concrete anchors.