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Colloq. usage for moving a tooth into an erect position.
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But when the source is unclean, this is desecration of the very church and its cardinal philosophy of moral uprightness. We couldn't agree more with the archbishop that the church, too, is not blameless and the clergy must also shun corruption and promote accountability.
In summary, for ethical uprightness, life balance, mental health and more rewarding interpersonal relationships, we should reduce our social media use, or even completely quit.
Under question is the financial uprightness of the senior politician, who is imputed by opponents as the ATM of Imran Khan and his PTI.
Minister Kgathi also said the challenging and complex work environment of prisons officers required high levels of alertness and moral uprightness.
In such a desperate situation the vendor he refers to will not bother about morals and uprightness.
Need of the hour is not only to impart honesty, integrity, truthfulness, ethics, loyalty, uprightness, discipline, belief, good manners, unity etc to our children, but to show them practically whatever the attributes we like to infuse in our children by implementing the same and be a role model so it becomes easy for them to be what they like them to be.
For the Jews, holiness encompasses both moral uprightness and bodily wholeness and integrity.
In a statement to media, presidential spokesperson Salvador Panelo claimed that "the remarks is his way of shaking long-held religious tenets and beliefs that instead of molding them into being righteous individuals make them cling to religion as an opium." He claimed that the president meant "to initiate an intellectual discussion for the faithfuls' enlightenment and spiritual awakening which could lead them to thread [sic] the path of uprightness so necessary in the moral regeneration of a nation so abundant with religiosity but wanting in spirituality.
He lacks moral uprightness and we will soon unmask his behaviours.
Commenting on Shahbaz Sharif arrest, he said Shahbaz had worked with utmost honesty and uprightness round the clock.
The stringent selection criteria in this regard would involve dedication, uprightness, a neat and clean track record among other factors.