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Colloq. usage for moving a tooth into an erect position.
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Given that the marriage of Fanny and Henry is absolutely improbable according the programmatic plot of the novel (which is, to repeat, the insemination and preservation of duty rather than its dissemination), the narrator, nonetheless, playfully teases the reader with such an impossible possibility: "Would he have persevered, and uprightly, Fanny must have been his reward--and a reward very voluntarily bestowed ..." (46) That Henry doesn't fit the straightjacket of the novel's happy ending is evident enough, yet the narrator grants him a "missed opportunity" of domestication (which he does not really need), which might be called a wish-fulfilling fantasy of conservative ideology.
One does not act uprightly when one chooses well only out of fear of punishment.
Each cup was put uprightly on the upper layer agar and filled accurately with 200 [mciro]1 aliquot of PCL in 10 mM sodium acetate buffer (pH 5.5) containing 0.13 M NaCl.
But, Ananda, whatever bhikkhu or bhikkhuni, layman or laywoman, abides by the Dhamma, lives uprightly in the Dhamma, walks in the way of the Dhamma, it is by such a one that the Tathagata is respected, venerated, esteemed, worshipped, and honored in the highest degree.
I doubt whether many Christians can boast of having dealt uprightly with a Jew" (Lessing 1888:191).
When people lacking express knowledge of God through no fault of their own uprightly take something as their ultimate end, it cannot be God but must be a good or set of goods they understand.
Scripture teaches us that "those who walk uprightly enter into peace; they find rest as they lie in death." "The souls of the just are in the hand of God, and no torment shall touch them."
By equipping our young people with a sound education, rooted in the Gospel message, the Person of Jesus Christ, and rich in the cherished traditions and liturgical practices of our faith, we ensure that they have the foundation to live morally and uprightly in our complex modern world.
For when they saw them living uprightly, they neither imitated their works nor listened to their words, but derided and despised them.
Villiers, placing fidelity to his oath even higher than the authority of his prince, wins Charles to grant the passport by insisting that, should it be denied, he must "in conscience" (4.3.27) recommit himself to his former captor; Villiers is bound to obey the Dauphin, he insists, "In all things that uprightly he commands" but not in a "lawless" order that would cause him to violate "the covenant of [his] word" (4.3.31-34).
Those who accept our beliefs uprightly are in the religious sense our brothers (lively agreement from the right).
This is explained in the catechism, where questions and answers are put this way: Question 8: "Mention some men who served the Eternal uprightly. A.: Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, Moses who delivered the children of Israel from Egypt, Elijah, Daniel and many others." Question 10: "Are Abraham, Moses, Elijah, Daniel and other servants of God now in heaven?