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Colloq. usage for moving a tooth into an erect position.
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'When you sit upright, instead of stressing the muscles more, you are actually trying to get them upright, and because you are in the right position, you are retraining them.
Upright Local solves a similar problem resellers have with large, pickup only inventory that traditionally struggles to sell and takes up vital room on the display floor.
The clinic is offering 26 Upright MRI scans for free, one for each remaining day of Ramadan, to those suffering from a painful back condition and need to see the cause of the pain.
The complete process of securing the ferry in an upright position, including removing the support beams, will be finished by June 10.
The video has gone viral since and shows the gorilla at Philadelphia Zoo upright on two legs, rather than the typical knuckle-to ground stance.
Shelves make organizing and finding food in your upright freezer easy allowing you to view and access items quickly.
At present, UK guidelines say women having an epidural should stay upright in the second stage of labour to reduce the chance they will need ventouse or forceps.
By about 1860 the upright piano had for all intents and purposes swapped the square piano for home utilize.
MR Scanning company Fonar (NASDAQ:FONR) reported on Monday the completion of the sale of its UPRIGHT MRI scanner to its German customer, Medserena.
Head of gorillas Phil Ridges said: "All gorillas have the ability to stand upright to some degree, although they often choose not to.
SEC plans to spend US $80bn over the next 10 years to meet Saudi Arabia's rising demand for electricity and Instant Upright has been able to provide a unique product which relies on expert engineering design and support from Dublin.
The Adapt-a-Stop connection bracket easily attaches to existing upright beams commonly used with pallet racks.