upper uterine segment

up·per u·ter·ine seg·'ment

the main portion of the body of the gravid uterus, the contraction of which furnishes the chief force of expulsion in labor.
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Thinning of the myometrium in the upper uterine segment always should be of concern.
It is speculated that the uterine muscle section during abdominal delivery interfered with its physiological stretching, and prevented or restricted the placenta moving away to the upper uterine segment in a subsequent pregnancy.2,3,5,18,24
She had a sonograph at 22 weeks of gestation showing twin gestation with one viable fetus BPD-53 mm, FL-37 mm, maturity of 22 weeks, and a non-viable fetus with absent cardiac activity with an FL-24 mm, maturity of 16 weeks; single placenta anterior in upper uterine segment; and no gross malformations in the viable fetus.

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