superior lobe of (right/left) lung

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su·pe·ri·or lobe of (right/left) lung

the lobe of the right lung that lies above the oblique and horizontal fissures and includes the apical (S I), posterior (S II), and anterior (S III) bronchopulmonary segments; in the left lung, the lobe lies above the oblique fissure and contains the apicoposterior (S I + II), anterior (S III), superior lingular (S IV), and inferior lingular (S V) segments.
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CXR of one patient with CCAM showed collapse of right upper lobe of lung with mediastinal shift and left lung hyperinflation (Figure 1-A).
Caption: Figure 1: Axial chest computed tomography scan at subcarinal level demonstrates a 4.5 mm ground-glass opacity nodule in left upper lobe of lung (arrow) and a 16 mm part-solid ground-glass nodule in left lower lobe of lung (arrowhead).
Chest roentgenogram showed a large mediastinal mass which involved the left upper lobe of lung.