upper gastrointestinal series

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up·per gastrointestinal ser·ies (UGIS),

a radiographic contrast study of the esophagus, stomach, and duodenum.
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Evidence of leak in radiological upper gastrointestinal series; confirmation of the leak with fluorescence endoscopy; endoscopic gastrooesophageal stenting.
Cox reserves other evaluations--including a technetium-99m gastric emptying study, upper gastrointestinal series, and esophageal motility study--for cases in which he has a particular diagnostic question in mind due to the child's history or physical examination.
Upper gastrointestinal series and abdominal CT-scan confirmed the extension of the duodenal apex lesion into the second portion (Figure 2 and 3).
* Endoscopy is more accurate than upper gastrointestinal series, particularly for detecting small ulcers and cancers.
In the past, nonspecific clinical symptoms coupled with the limited sensitivity of an upper gastrointestinal series for small bowel neoplasms led to marked delays from symptoms to diagnosis.
Radiological studies including upper gastrointestinal series or CT scans should be used to investigate possible sources of bowel obstruction and to exclude mimics.

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