upper airway obstruction

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upper airway obstruction (UAO)

any abnormal condition of the mouth, nose, or larynx that interferes with breathing when the rest of the respiratory system is functioning normally.

up·per air·way ob·struc·tion

(ŭp'ĕr ār'wā ŏb-strŭk'shŭn)
Blockage of the throat, larynx, or trachea, in any combination.

upper airway obstruction

Abbreviation: UAO
Any potentially life-threatening abnormality in which the flow of air into and out of the lungs is partially or completely blocked by such conditions as laryngeal swelling, foreign bodies, or angioedema.
See: cardiopulmonary resuscitation; tracheostomy
See also: obstruction
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Lingual artery hematoma resulting in upper airway obstruction.
The Brevi-Sesenna device allows for excellent management of upper airway obstruction secondary to mandibular hypoplasia in neonates.
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2] Partial laryngeal obstruction can cause variable and sometimes subtle symptoms mimicking other causes of upper airway obstruction.
The simultaneous reduction of inferior turbinates is of importance in cases requiring maxillary superior repositioning for management of upper airway obstruction in the presence of hypertrophied turbinates.
The median age of all patients suffering upper airway obstruction was 5.
He said: "The possibility of upper airway obstruction can't be ruled out.
2 and intrathoracic upper airway obstruction was suspected due to flattening of the expiratory limb of flowvolume loops (Figure 2).
Although the circumstances of Katya's death very strongly indicate the cause was accidental upper airway obstruction, it is not possible to provide an exact cause of death from the post-mortem," he said.
Failure to recognize the etiology and correct the condition promptly can be disastrous because upper airway obstruction (UAO) is a life-threatening emergency.
Other topics include history and questionnaires, upper airway obstruction in snoring and upper airway resistance syndrome, surgical treatment, children, and the elderly.