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Nursing verb To perform a venipuncture


[Shortening of for needlestick]
A colloquial term for puncture, esp. the puncturing of the skin or a blood vessel.

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Q. I was confused, is he really sticking to diet? My friend is following Fixed-menu diet which I didn’t hear before. He told that he is in diet but he is taking some of the food which he likes. I was confused, is he really sticking to diet?

A. Of course, your friend may be under diet control. I will tell you what fixed menu diet means? A fixed-menu diet provides a list of all the foods you will eat. The merits of this kind of diet are that it can be easy to follow because the foods are selected for you. However the demerit of this type of diet is that you get only few varieties of food which will make the diet boring and it will be hard to follow. If you start with a fixed-menu diet, it is easy to follow.

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The tiny traveller who upped sticks from the garden of Maureen and Michael McDowell in Hawkesbury at the end of August could be making a guest appearance at the Foleshill gas tower demolition.
And it is believed that many have now upped sticks in favour of resorts like Bundoran and Newcastle in Co Down where they are turning their hand to other criminal activities.
For many public sector workers in Llanishen, Cardiff, this wish came true when not for the first time they decided it was too hot to work and upped sticks before the midday sun reached its zenith.
The tough-tackling former left-back has upped sticks and moved to Spain's Costa Blanca, where he admits the year-round sunshine and pace of life is just perfect.
ONE day of rest and the runners, throwers, hoppers, skippers and jumpers have all upped sticks from Manchester to Munich with the European Championships replacing the Commonwealth Games, writes Steve Palmer.
Joska Bourgeois upped sticks for Switzerland owing pounds 6million in taxes and when she died, still pursued by the taxman, she left much of her fortune to our ex-Paymaster General Geoffrey Robinson, who has kept the money out of the reach of prying eyes ever since.
THREE years ago Garth and Anne Foster upped sticks from trendy Islington in London - where he ran a pub/restaurant - and moved to Barford, just outside Warwick.
A Few decades ago, American kids were packed off to summer camp while many london children upped sticks to Kent with their families to earn their keep picking hops.
Pal Courtenay Semel was living with the actress but upped sticks after Lindsay left "piles of clothes everywhere".
A GAMES teacher turned in a pukka performance when she upped sticks and jetted off to Estonia for an international ice hockey tournament.
Sandy Rivera, Tim Deluxe and DJ Disciple will all be on deck duty for the event which returns to its spiritual home of Hardwick Hall in Sedgefield, County Durham, having upped sticks to Sedgefield Racecourse for last year's party.
Perhaps there was a colony of rare dormice at the site at one time, but when they sensed there was a development coming they upped sticks and left for pastures new.