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Referring to a type of exercise in which weight bearing is reduced by application of counter-force, typically using a harness.
See also: kinematic chain, weight-supported exercise
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Figure 1 displays the unweighted and weighted trends in the nationwide uninsured rate from 2013 to 2018.
This unweighted scented soft lure technique works great on redfish, speckled trout, and if tarpon are in the area, you might want to keep a very good grip on the rod at all times.
The main differences are as follows: 1) Besides the unweighted hypergraph-based game in the conference paper [24], a vertex-weighted hypergraph-based game is proposed in this paper.
While capitalisation has weakened qualitatively and quantitatively, GCC banks carry an unweighted average S&P Global Ratings risk adjusted capital ratio of 11.4 per cent at year-end 2017.
Although the main index of the Tehran Stock Exchange (TSE) saw a considerable surge in 2017, the market's unweighted index suggests that the companies with the largest capitalization were behind the upward trend.
Two types (weighted tip, unweighted tip) of enteral feeding tubes were involved in six studies.
The repetition ratio of the taxis' operation zone pairs is calculated in two different ways, i.e., unweighted and weighted.
In addition, finding possible optimal unweighted conditions on the LBPPT will help guide practitioners when prescribing the correct exercise intensity especially for those with cardiovascular risk factors.
The agency said that it has calculated an unweighted average ratio of 11.5 percent from Gulf Banks as of October 16, based on their latest tally of risk-adjusted capital (RAC) ratios.
We compared results obtained without weights and with application of population and bootstrap weights in a logistic regression, and found no substantial differences between the unweighted and the weighted analyses.
Finally, based on unweighted UniFrac distance matrices, unweighted-pair group method with arithmetic mean (UPGMA) trees were created.