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In animals, denoting a failure to grow or develop normally as a result of disease.
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1-3 Bolingbroke says: "Can no man tell me of my unthrifty son?
The original GSF plant is an unthrifty, disease susceptible plant, and later studies indicated the GSF trait was associated with increased susceptibility to anthracnose infection after being cross-bred into a variety of gamagrass genetic backgrounds (Kulakow et al.
The primary signs of chronic leptospirosis are infertility, late abortions, stillbirths, and unthrifty piglets.
The 1558 statute (4&5 Philip & Mary, cap 8) deals with the "disparagement" of propertied women under the age of sixteen, who are "secretly allured and wonne to contract matrimony with the said unthrifty and light personages, and there upon either with slieght or force, oftentimes be taken and conveyed away from their said parents" (A Collection, 997): punishment was increased if the maid was also "deflowered.
The weak and unthrifty fawns that we saw [last] summer leads us directly to our best clue as to the cause--the nutritional status of the does during key times of the reproductive cycle," Pojar said.
Hard Keeper--An animal that is unthrifty and grows or fattens slowly regardless of the quantity and quality of feed.
Indeed it would seem curiously unthrifty to throw away such wealth.
It was in this dull, fiat, and unthrifty district, or neighborhood," Douglass writes, "surrounded by a white population of the lowest order, indolent and drunken to a proverb, and among slaves, who seemed to ask `Oh, what's the use?
The proposition that "Life imitates Art far more than Art imitates Life" and that "Lying, the telling of beautiful untrue things, is the proper aim of Art"; that "the message of Christ to man was simply 'Be thyself,'" and that "a poor man who is ungrateful, unthrifty, discontented, and rebellious is probably a real personality, and has much in him"; that "There is no such thing as a moral or an immoral book.
Some animals do not process nutrients properly and develop an unthrifty [unhealthy] coat with either flaking or greasiness," says Dr.