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(sing′krŏ-nīz″) [Gr. synchronizein, to be contemporary with],


To coordinate the timing of two or more events or processes. In electrical cardioversion, for example, a shock to the heart is delivered when an R wave is detected on a cardiac monitor. Synchronized shocks are used to treat rhythms such as atrial flutter, atrial fibrillation, or supraventricular tachycardia, in which QRS complexes are recognizable. In these arrhythmias, unsynchronized shocks might induce ventricular fibrillation.
synchronization (-nĭ-zā′shŏn)
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For our model of interest, the dynamic setting with acknowledgment-based protocols, the earliest theoretical results were negative results for the Unsynchronized Infinitely-Many Users Model.
For these dispersal rates the residents move on unsynchronized attractors.
Such a problem is typically solved by implementing a collaborative approach between the unsynchronized arrays as described, for example, in [7].
Wang, "Clustering unsynchronized time series subsequences with phase shift weighted spherical k-means algorithm," Journal of Computers, vol.
As expected, the unsynchronized cabbages proved much less resistant to the attacks from the cabbage loopers.
Although unsynchronized with Edwards's rethinking of the early works, Keith Polk continues with Isaac's critical years just before 1485 and not long after 1490, concentrating on stylistic traits in the four-voice secular music, which reveal a new aesthetic and "revolutionary approach to composition" (p.
Indeed, Artaud's appreciation of Clair's unsynchronized sound film largely extended into cinema his own concept of mise-en-scene as an aggregate of audiovisual components that (like Clair's sounds in relation to his visuals) were to impact on and collide with one another such that "instead of serving as a decoration, an accompaniment of a thought, [each component] instead causes its movement, directs it, destroys it, or changes it completely." (30) Consequently, and despite the fact that the Theater of Cruelty was founded in opposition to an emergent multimedia spectacle, Artaud was by no means opposed to electronic media.
Duty-cycled MAC (Media Access Control) protocols developed for wireless sensor networks can be categorized into synchronized and unsynchronized approaches.
Other things reflecting a widespread need to address this (but in an uncoordinated and unsynchronized effort) are seen in--
The seeds are occasionally sown in seedbeds having unfavorable moisture because of the lack of rainfall at sowing time [62], which results in poor and unsynchronized seedling emergence [60].
1Fibrillation is the rapid, irregular, and unsynchronized contraction of fibers.
The Services, Defense Information Systems Agency (DISA), National Security Agency, Intelligence Community, and many of the other COCOMs have unsynchronized cyberspace warfighting capabilities.