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(sing′krŏ-nīz″) [Gr. synchronizein, to be contemporary with],


To coordinate the timing of two or more events or processes. In electrical cardioversion, for example, a shock to the heart is delivered when an R wave is detected on a cardiac monitor. Synchronized shocks are used to treat rhythms such as atrial flutter, atrial fibrillation, or supraventricular tachycardia, in which QRS complexes are recognizable. In these arrhythmias, unsynchronized shocks might induce ventricular fibrillation.
synchronization (-nĭ-zā′shŏn)


arranging that events shall occur at the same time.

estrus synchronization
see estrus synchronization.
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We review the respective calclist (again an Unsynchronized.
When these functions are pursued separately, it is easy to result in unsynchronized objectives that do not work in concert toward successful war termination goals.
Although unsynchronized with Edwards's rethinking of the early works, Keith Polk continues with Isaac's critical years just before 1485 and not long after 1490, concentrating on stylistic traits in the four-voice secular music, which reveal a new aesthetic and "revolutionary approach to composition" (p.
Yet, like buses and trains with overlapping routes but unsynchronized schedules, this neural conversation has little to say to your heart, which pumps blood to its own rhythm through the body's arteries and veins.
According to a recent study published in the European Journal of Preventive Cardiology, palpitations should be considered a strong predictor for AE The research, which involved more than 22,000 people, also reaffirmed hypertension as the strongest risk factor for AR AF is an unusual heart rhythm (arrhythmia), characterized by a quivering and unsynchronized beating of the heart's upper two chambers, the atria.
Towards the close, Sun Araw transformed, using only electronics to construct an unsynchronized, slurred form of acid house, reminiscent of Excepter's intuitive use of electronics and dance-music idioms.
In the biatrial anastomosis technique, the atriums anatomical structure and geometrical shape are changing; the unsynchronized atrial contractions can cause regurgitation in the tricuspid and mitral valve.
In the experiment, 155 participants were divided into teams of three and trained to move plastic cups in a specified sequence to music in either a synchronized or unsynchronized way, while some in a control group merely held their cups above the table.
AT21 will largely eliminate the manual, unsynchronized nature of legacy systems and replace them with new business processes, technology, and enhanced data integration that will allow JDDE operators to optimize the end-to-end distribution enterprise.
The unsynchronized solutions appear in the Poincare map as vertical lines, due to the time variation experienced by the considered variable.
Other things reflecting a widespread need to address this (but in an uncoordinated and unsynchronized effort) are seen in--
The impactors can be controlled discretely, synchronized to deliver bursts of high g shock events, or randomly unsynchronized over a wide frequency range.