unstable fracture

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un·sta·ble frac·ture

a fracture with an intrinsic tendency to displace after reduction.


having a tendency to disrupt, e.g. unstable chemicals.

unstable fracture
the principal fragments in a reduced fracture are overriding. Slow union or nonunion results.
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16 However, it has been suggested that the use of this implant is not appropriate in unstable fractures (AO/OTA A2.
At this time, the stage of slip happens and then unstable fracture process begins.
A total of 97 adult patients completed the study, including 52 with stable fractures and 45 with unstable fractures, Dr.
c], to assess fracture toughness of polymers displaying either linear or non-linear unstable fracture pattern under dynamic conditions.
New Jersey Nets shooting guard Kendall Gill is scheduled to have surgery today to repair an unstable fracture in his left hand and he will be sidelined at least a month.
3-5] reported that external loading of WC-Co plate with CVD-diamond resulted in the unstable fracture of the substrate.
After incubation, a crack will initiate from this flaw and propagate radially in a slow, stable manner either until the wall thickness is traversed (a leak before break' scenario) or a critical crack size for unstable fracture is attained.
For those blends whose ligaments are not fully yielded, that is, blends with 25 phr elastomer at 20[degrees]C and 20 phr elastomer at 40[degrees]C, their fracture behavior is ductile tearing with plastic flow confined to a small circular region ahead of the notch tip, followed by fast unstable fracture with a finite yield strip on either surface.
Surgery was indicated for those with an open fracture or those with an inherently unstable fracture pattern, which was generally defined as those with three of the following: initial dorsal angulation greater than 20[degrees], initial shortening greater than 5 mm, greater than 50% dorsal comminution, intra-articular fracture, age greater than 60, and an associated ulna fracture.
This method converts a very unstable fracture of humerus into a very rigid reconstruct even in cases of very osteoporotic and open infected cases, for early mobilization.
Augmented external fixation versus percutaneous pinning and casting for unstable fracture of the distal radius -a prospective randomized trial.