unstable fracture

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un·sta·ble frac·ture

a fracture with an intrinsic tendency to displace after reduction.
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In our study patients with stable fracture mobilizes early as compare to unstable fracture. In PFN group overall mean for mobilization is about 9.75 days.
As shown in Figure 15(b), the unstable fracture toughness of Groups A, B, and C shows a similar decreasing trend during the early stages of corrosion.
The high-frequency, weak AE events could be observed based on the corresponding AE events as the sample entered the unstable fracture propagation stage.
2,3 The anatomic structure of the region and biomechanical properties make treatment difficult and increase the risk of complication-related additional surgical interventions.4,5 However, in patients with unstable fracture patterns, the results have been poor due to sliding HSP systems and IM nails-related failure and lag screw cut-out.6 Possible disadvantages of arthroplasty include prolonged operative time, higher intraoperative blood loss, hip dislocation and increased risk of infection.
where [K.sup.ini.sub.IC] is unstable fracture toughness, kN/[m.sup.3/2]; [P.sub.V max] is peak vertical load, kN; is span length of the beam specimen, m; is height of the beam specimen, m; is width of the beam specimen, m; [a.sub.c] is effective crack length of the three-point bending beam specimen, m; f([a.sub.c]/H) is a function relevant to [a.sub.c]/H, the expression of which is as follows:
Communited and rotational unstable fracture of femur treated with intelocking nailing.
Hangman's fracture is an unstable fracture through the pars interarticularis (the posterior elements of the axis).
After the unstable fracture process, the fracture process will change into a stable one.
Above this temperature, the material behaves as if it is flaw-free, for any crack, no matter how large, cannot propagate as an unstable fracture.
He said: 'It was not the right thing to release him (Mr Langford) into the community.' Mr Langford died of compression of the upper spine caused by an unusual and unstable fracture to the spine.
The AE source location during residual strength measurement demonstrated that the maincrack formed during proof tests were propagated to final unstable fracture during residual strength tests.
"However, the sugar-tong splint demonstrated significantly better ability to maintain fracture reduction in displaced fractures [with an] unstable fracture pattern," said Dr.