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To convert encrypted electronic information to plain text.
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You get 40 seconds on each level to unscramble the words.
These errors may be evident by the scratched out attempts to unscramble the words on the sides of the answer sheets.
Unscramble the following letters to reveal which country are current European Champions?
Participants in the God-primed group were given a word game where they had to unscramble sentences (using the words "spirit," "divine," "God," "sacred," and "prophet").
Now take all the letters that are circled and unscramble them to find out which province is home to the midpoint of the Trans-Canada.
Take all the circled letters and unscramble them to form a four-word message that answers the question: How should you treat Earth?
To spell out the bonus words, unscramble the letters in parentheses.
Unscramble each of the following 10 specialty cheeses.
Just unscramble the key words in each safety tip, then find and circle the word in the water safety word hunt!
For your chance to win a pair of these exclusive wristbands and a signed copy of the album, simply unscramble the answer to the question below and telephone or text in your answer, leaving your name, address and DAYTIME telephone number.
In theory, only the person or machine doing the scrambling and the recipient of the cyphertext know how to decrypt or unscramble the data since it will have been encrypted using an agreed-upon set of keys.
Unscramble the following phrase to find the names of three racecourses: Try top shoe rack