unsaturated alcohols

un·sat·ur·at·ed al·co·hols

those alcohols with carbon chains that contain one or more carbon-carbon double or triple bonds.
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Chemicals suggested for Category II.I: [beta]- unsaturated alcohols (allylic alcohols), identified by names, CAS numbers, and molecular structures.
The alcohol itself is a unique monomer that has dual functionality similar to unsaturated alcohols, according to the company, and it possesses the hydroxyl group and also has double bonds, making the molecule quite attractive to itself.
Instead of using unsaturated polyester diols, the material is based on monofunctional unsaturated alcohols reacted with diisocyanates to form an unsaturated ester-urethane hybrid.
Steroid refers to the characteristic caron-atom ring structure of solid, cyclic, unsaturated alcohols found in plants and animals (sterols), according to Winning Without Steroids by Gayle Olinekova (Keats Publishing, 1988).