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adj not polarized.
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With rare exceptions, judicial elections in Oregon have been low-key, unpolarized affairs in which incumbent judges and their opponents remain dignified and above the political fray.
Considering the quantum mechanical description of the polarization in terms of spin-up and spin-down neutrons, the polarizing efficiency of a "+" polarizer is numerically equal to the polarization of an initially unpolarized beam obtained after action of the polarizer.
The basic difference from that is the removal of the green filter, polarizer, and analyzer filters, and the turbidity is measured with unpolarized light.
It is a completely examined, crucial EUVL element with EUV reflectivity of 65% for polarized light, 51% for unpolarized light, and IR rejection going above 99%.
1998) undergo polyplastidic meiosis in unpolarized sporocytes in a manner similar to seed plants.
Figure 3(a) shows the average native potentials (averaged for the entire test duration between five and seven years) of the unpolarized bare pipes in 14 test sites vs.
The directional dipole reorientation, which is essentially complete subsequent to the higher field electrocrystallization transition, breaks the symmetry and transforms the droplet into a field-induced ferroelectric state where it possesses a large net electric dipole, in contrast to its unpolarized state at zero-field conditions.
The original method described in 1994 assumed properties that were measured using a source that very roughly approximated the solar spectrum after transmittance through a layer of glass; that is, spectrally averaged and unpolarized.
Then he showed that individual neurons in the sun compass were tuned to specific E-vector angles of polarized light, as well as azimuth-dependent responses to unpolarized light.
The second category of Sire & Huysseune (2003) develops remotely from and is unpolarized relative to the epithelium, tissues being laid down equally on inner and outer surfaces.
Relative peak intensities were compared between 45o polarized light and unpolarized light yielding different intensities for C-H stretching modes.