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That's not to say The Unorthodox Ox is spiritual per say; just that the kinds of life-changing revelations the protagonist evolves to understand are those that ultimately involve us all in choices surrounding rebirth, change and death.
I never saw any wrongdoing and whilst his lifestyle may have been a bit unorthodox, I don't believe that it was criminal.
Drawing on the classic works of Chinese military thought, Sawyer demonstrates that deceptive practices and unorthodox approaches are the norm rather than the exception.
Since being articulated by Sun-tzu in The Art of War, the concept of ch'i or the "unorthodox" has been a foundational idea in Chinese military thinking and it remains a core element of contemporary Chinese military theory.
Argentina also employed unorthodox tax policies (exports and financial transactions.) This by itself was a major help to the recovery.
'We're orthodox in belief but unorthodox in practice.'
In his reluctance to hear unorthodox views on birth control, women in the clergy, or any issue that didn't reflect his own myopic views?
"I think homophobia is a very scary thing because it views a minority as unorthodox or abnormal," said Kelvin Lau, a 26-year-old teacher wearing a mask made of multicolored feathers.
From his use of traditional materials such as paint and bronze, to his use of new technologies and unorthodox materials including vacuum-formed plastics, McGowin creates inspired works of art with a distinctive narrative style.
The donatist heresy claimed that sacraments were impaired if the person performing them was heretical or unorthodox. The church roundly denounced this heresy as early as the fourth century, affirming that a sacrament does not depend on the worthiness of the person performing it.
Shrew employed deceptively classical trappings, yet Mills infused the dancing with contemporary sensibilities through dense, interwoven moves, unconventional pas de deux, and unorthodox touches: Petruchio bicycled to his wedding; the dream sequence duet morphed into a pas de trois with an oversized red ball; and in one hilarious scene, the dancers even spoke.
This is where we play an unorthodox corner technique not often associated with two-deep zone.