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marital status,

n the legal standing of a person in regard to his or her marriage state.
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to receive this sort of welcome, emphasized by obtrusive hand-shakings, sometimes actually by downright kissings of my wife, and then to look round and see that not one in thirty of these very people had brought their unmarried daughters to the ball, was, I honestly believe, to see civilized human nature in its basest conceivable aspect.
She was in Helen's case unmarried, in Margaret's about to be married, in neither case an echo of her sister.
Young unmarried girls always do, if they are in a house together for ten days.
When two unmarried persons get together, and talk upon such delicate subjects as the present, a great deal of confidence and intimacy is presently established between them.
She did not very much like it that he, who was in love with her daughter, had kept coming to the house for six weeks, as though he were waiting for something, inspecting, as though he were afraid he might be doing them too great an honor by making an offer, and did not realize that a man, who continually visits at a house where there is a young unmarried girl, is bound to make his intentions clear.
So, I thank you, on both our parts, for the good-will you have shown towards us; and the best wish I can give the unmarried part of the present company, is this: I hope every bachelor may find as good a wife as I have found.
Sam Weller kept his word, and remained unmarried, for two years.
Today's table package delves into many other characteristics of households, including similarities and differences between married and unmarried couples.
Children of unmarried parents fare much worse on a variety of
But there is NO entitlement to maintenance for a partner in the case of unmarried couples.
In certain situations, such as with unmarried couples, failing to do so could result in partners losing control over their own destiny in terms of medical care, disposition of assets, etc.
This is not the case for unmarried couples, and the entitlement on the breakdown of the relationship or death could be very different from what was expected.