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Containing no lead; lead-free.
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This new partnership allows GasBuddy's app users access to a comprehensive database of Unleaded 88 fuel at more than 1,800 retail locations around the country.
The standard specifications for unleaded petrol was approved by the ministerial order No 205/2018, which was prepared to upgrade the local technical specifications of petrol, as well as to meet the requirements of the new vehicle models launched in 2018.
Tesco went one better with cuts of 4p a litre on both diesel and unleaded.
Meanwhile, Morrisons is cutting the cost of diesel by up to 2p a litre and unleaded by up to 1p a litre at 335 stations, while Tesco will do the same at 500 filling stations.
Unleaded prices have shot up in recent weeks as a result of Hurricane Harvey disrupting oil refining in Texas, whereas diesel has become more expensive as the price of a barrel of oil has increased over the past week.
This would take the average price above PS1.21 per litre, making unleaded more expensive than diesel for the first time for more than a year.
In its Service Letter 270, Lycoming specifies the extension of routine oil change intervals from every 50 hours to every 100 hours for engines using unleaded fuel, subject to further details and procedures that are outlined in the notice.
Shell V-Power Unleaded is an innovative new premium formulation designed to protect car engines against gunk and corrosion.
Tesco, Morrisons and Sainsbury's are reducing the cost of diesel by 2p per litre and unleaded by 1p at all of their filling stations.
Motorists have been given a boost with some leading supermarkets slashing the price of unleaded petrol.
DIESEL is cheaper than unleaded petrol for the first time in 14 years thanks to a new round of forecourt price wars.
Petrol prices have been on an upward spiral since the end of last year, with 95 octane unleaded fuel peaking at around e1/41.40 per litre just a couple of months ago.