universal solvent

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u·ni·ver·sal sol·vent

a substance sought by the alchemists, and claimed by some to have been found, supposedly capable of dissolving all substances; sometimes, in a physiologic sense, applied to water.
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The universal solvent of sustainability will dissolve private medicine and the patient-physician relationship along with private property rights.
We identify with the Dostoyevskian view of the modern world that a peaceful and sustainable existence cannot be found via a universal solvent to remove, cut through or somehow transcend all our differences.
I complained, quoting the sentence directly from the textbook: "There is no universal solvent.
Is the term "culture" becoming such a universal solvent that it's losing its usefulness?
Coursen ironically praises TV culture as that in which our dissatisfaction 'is easily dissolved in the universal solvent, another beer' (p.
AEC's Davis points out that water is "a universal solvent that tries to dissolve nearly everything it comes into contact with," including your cooling equipment.
For example, they have learned that their favored universal solvent cleaning agent, 1,1,1-trichloroethane (methyl chloroform), would carry an increased tax of 21.
Sun Chemical's performance pigments group has introduced the Surpass line of easily dispersible products for universal solvent systems.
A line of "stir-in" dry dispersions designed for universal solvent systems.
2] is not a universal solvent, but is tunable depending on pressure and temperature, and also on the following properties of the product to be dissolved, ie.
Black Skin, White Tissues: Local Color and Universal Solvents in the Novels of Charles Johnson.

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