universal solvent

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u·ni·ver·sal sol·vent

a substance sought by the alchemists, and claimed by some to have been found, supposedly capable of dissolving all substances; sometimes, in a physiologic sense, applied to water.
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Second, we have to see what has been lost, dissolved by the universal solvent of indiscriminate choice.
Feeling a threat to his cherished values of ethics and religious diversity by Singer's espoused Universal Solvent and Universal Ethics, Khan demonstrates the intellectual and scientific bankruptcy of the universality that Singer gives so much importance to.
That is, because--as with most other functionalities in chemistry--there is no such thing as the ideal universal solvent when it comes to solubility power for the considerable number of different types of organic materials that may form the flux vehicle.
Kate and I communicate if we have a problem, it's the universal solvent.
I remember my science teacher telling me that water is the universal solvent, but I didn't need him to tell me that, more importantly, it is a universal necessity.
He notes, however, that the world's religions have had a hard time agreeing on much, and offers that in the end, "it is our capacity to reason that is the universal solvent.
Invoking children as an excuse for censorship has become the universal solvent for free expression.
Like the proverbial scientist who wanted to find a universal solvent but forgot the problem of where to put it, Jagannatha eagerly desires to free the untouchables from the burden of cleaning latrines in the town, though the wealthy socialist does not say how he will get his own latrines cleaned once his objectives are achieved.

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