universal instrument

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u·ni·ver·sal in·stru·ment

(yūni-vĕrsăl instrŭ-mĕnt)
Tool or device that can be used on all dental surfaces.
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We wish Hazel and Universal Instrument Services all success for the future.
What we don't have is the whole package pulled together into a universal instrument.
Tenders are invited for A) Pocket Ohm Capacitance Meter B) Universal Instrument High Ohmic For Ac And Dc
The LX incorporates 20 universal instrument slots, enabling it to test a broad range of applications.
5mm universal instrument agree to loads of 30mm, 45mm, 60mm
This universal instrument with unprecedented dynamic performance and flexibility is now available in a PCI form factor for applications in a variety of industries including communications, semiconductor, biomedical and ultrasonic nondestructive test (NDT).
Fusion EX incorporates 80 universal instrument slots, enabling a wider range of system configurations.
The module ensures error-free measurements for the broadest set of applications of any digitizer and takes us a long way toward our goal of a universal instrument measurement platform.
The OLT-55 SMART optical loss test set is an easy-to-use universal instrument with a two or three wavelength laser source in combination with a power meter that can be used for singlemode fibers and systems in the lab, manufacturing (USB interface), installation, maintenance and troubleshooting.
The LUKE arm will be manufactured by Universal Instruments Corp.
Mobius Bionics has chosen Universal Instruments Corp.
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