universal instrument

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u·ni·ver·sal in·stru·ment

(yūni-vĕrsăl instrŭ-mĕnt)
Tool or device that can be used on all dental surfaces.
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Horn said she saw the MBO as the ideal opportunity to take on the business, having been with the company for 20 years.: She added: "Universal Instrument Services is an excellent business with an experienced and skilled workforce.
At that time, I projected the development of a "universal instrument," which was to be a small box containing several data acquisition channels consisting of rudimentary signal conditioners backed by fast analog-to-digital converters (ADCs) streaming digitized waveforms into a host computer based on computer-industry-standard technology.
Instructions/Remarks: 1-This Is Non Safety Item 2- This Is Rp Stand By Tender Against Po No 30.15.0425.1.32292 Dated 26.08.201 5 Placed On M/S Universal Instrument Manufacturing Co Pvt Ltd 268/A Ist Cross Iv Phase Peenya Industrial Area Nil Bangalore If Defaulting Firm M/S Universal Instrument Manufacturing Co Pvt Bangalore Want To Participate Against This Tender Must Submit 10 Percent Amount Of Tender Value As Security Money In The Name Of Fa And Cao/Ner/Gorakhpur Alongwith Tender Failing Which Your Offer Will Be Ignored Without Any Further Correspondence And Also Action Will Be Taken Accordance To Para 502 To 504 Of Irs Condition Of Contract Without Prejudice To Other Right.
Tenders are invited for 4 Inches Duplex Air Pressure Guage Self Illuminated Back Lit With Led Flush Mounted Mr-Fp Rdso Drg No.Sk-Dp-3522 Alt - 4 Or Latest Make - Midlands And Co Or Universal Instrument Or Topgrip Instrument.
Contract awarded for acquisition of charge for linear stapler with own cutting blade 60mm 3.5mm adaptable to universal instrument load accepting 30mm, 45mm and 60mm, moh no.
Description - Universal instrument to carry out tests for the presence of water in the diesel motor and the determination of acidity kerosene.
Meter shall feature and oil-free, permanently lubricated counter assembly and universal instrument drive.
Tenders are invited for A) Pocket Ohm Capacitance Meter B) Universal Instrument High Ohmic For Ac And Dc
Adapable 2.5mm universal instrument agree to loads of 30mm, 45mm, 60mm
In partnership with Universal Instruments, Hover-Davis will demonstrate its new Radial, Tube and Tray feeders for odd-form electronic components such as relays, connectors, capacitors, LEDs and more.
The bill also reflected the commitment of the government in ensuring the national labour law was in line with universal instruments and standards to subsequently boost the image and facilitate Malaysia's participation in whatever international trade, he said.
Conducted at the Universal Instruments Advanced Process Lab with the BTU vacuum test board, the two thermal profiles in FIGURES 4 and 5 show the impact of changing the vacuum hold time on the TAL at 20 Torr.
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