unitary-transformative paradigm

unitary-transformative paradigm (of health and nursing)

A nursing theory that views the person as an open, patterned, self-organized energy field within a larger environmental energy field. Health is regarded as a reflection and manifestation of continuous changes in the rhythm of human and environmental field patterns.
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Rogers' Science of Unitary Human Beings is at the core of the unitary-transformative paradigm and in a follow-up to the 1991 article, Newman, Smith, Pharris, & Jones (2008) assert there is movement toward a unified whole transcending the limitations of each nursing paradigm.
While there is a movement towards synthesis in the unitary-transformative paradigm, the paradigm is far from reaching a "tipping point." According to Kuhn, and what is true about Rogerian science, is scientific schools of thought in the prenormal phase have only local or isolated acceptance of exemplary problem solutions.
While the mantra in unitary-transformative paradigm is that we are all whole and thus "parts" of the person do not knit back together, I contend that the sense people have in trauma and loss is that they are not whole but rather feel fragmented.