unit-dose package

u·nit-dose pack·age

(yū'nit-dōs pak'ăj)
The repackaging of a bulk medication into smaller single-use systems for ease of dispensing to patients in hospitals or long-term care facilities.
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In the briefing document submitted prior to the January 20, 2010 meeting, Transcept proposed a new Intermezzo bedside unit-dose package and patient instructions designed to reduce the possibility of patient dosing errors.
ClearShield comes in a convenient, hygienically sealed unit-dose package that includes an easy-to-use applicator and mixing well to ensure consistent fluoride levels.
Unit-dose packages produced by SKY Packaging, a McKesson company, are certified for use in PROmanager-Rx.
The AERx system creates aerosols from proprietary unit-dose packages of liquid drug formulations for non-invasive delivery locally to the lung or into the bloodstream via the lung and is currently being developed by Aradigm for various uses, including the treatment of diabetes and pain management.