unit record

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u·nit rec·ord

(yū'nit rek'ŏrd)
A single, comprehensive collection of all health care data for all forms of care for a patient.
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Proponents of student unit record keeping, however, have not stopped pushing for it.
The unit record system was developed in the USA and started to be used there from the 1920s (Craig 1988); some English hospitals had implemented it by the 1930s (Kempson 1989) with others not using it until at least 1948 (Craig 1988).
In addition to the dual unit record run for Salem, the station is also enjoying other successes.
Record Cumberland output, combined with very strong production at Emerald, resulted in a new Pennsylvania business unit record of 13.
The automotive industry is on pace to exceed the 16 million unit record set in 1986.
EUR Systems is a trademark of Electronic and Unit Record Data Center, DBA EUR Systems.
Presentation options: lets patient records be retrieved and presented as a set of individual "encounters", or as a unit record combining all patient information;
Her highly anticipated album will be released in early 2003 and she will be the first artist to launch a solo project under her own Flavor Unit Record label.
The unit records information from each injection and generates various statistical analysis for later review.
War Department's The Official Records of the Union and Confederate Armies, along with surviving newspapers, journals, letters, and military unit records written during the war.
This unit records arrow drag to precisely measure launch and impact speed as well as energy.