unit of service

u·nit of ser·vice

(yū'nit sĕr'vis)
Any discrete measurement used for billing purposes in provision of therapy.
Medical Dictionary for the Health Professions and Nursing © Farlex 2012
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Coleman also cites the Q1 earnings beat of Republic Services, pointing to its 2% volume growth and 2.2% revenue growth relative to the average price per unit of service. The analyst further notes that the company is "attractively valued" at 22.1-times his FY18 EPS estimate, which is below the midpoint of its 5-year range of 18.4-to-29.0-times and below the peer average of 23.8-times.
Financial status (i.e., risk-sharing arrangements for disbursement of net revenues, medical loss ratio for a health plan, operating margins for provider groups, costs per unit of service, return on assets, return on equity, and retained earnings or fund balance).
Weiner defines a firm's product as $1 of service (measured at standard), however that unit of service is earned or provided and regardless of what it costs to produce it.
Thus, an average of 11 units of service were provided to each individual, with the average unit of service requiring 52 minutes of direct staff time.
(*) The former would be divided by the latter to give a rate per average unit of service (and, consequently, an increase over the comparable 1992 rate.
physicians are primary care givers who will initially see their fees per unit of service increase.
Figure 1, following page, depicts this phenomenon using standard cost/profit/volume analysis, where the price per unit of service exceeds the variable cost per unit of service and volume refers to the number of real units of service delivered to patients.