unit of heat

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u·nit of heat

1. calorie (gram calorie; kilocalorie);
2. Synonym(s): British thermal unit
3. Synonym(s): joule


James P., English physicist, 1818-1889.
joule - Synonym(s): unit of heat
Joule equivalent - the dynamic equivalent of heat.
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Studies have shown that modern oil heat systems are much cleaner per unit of heat output than other sources of energy.
First, the pellets are significantly cheaper than oil per unit of heat output.
the main tasks assigned to the assignee will be:: -Develop, fund, and carry out the work, books, and equipment charged to mainly include: unit of heat production to integrate the objectives defined by the urban community mesh networks and west Atria Arras and expansion of the network.
A therm is a unit of heat equal to 100,000 BTUs, or approximately 100 cubic feet of gas.