unit of heat

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u·nit of heat

1. calorie (gram calorie; kilocalorie);
2. Synonym(s): British thermal unit
3. Synonym(s): joule


James P., English physicist, 1818-1889.
joule - Synonym(s): unit of heat
Joule equivalent - the dynamic equivalent of heat.
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Studies have shown that modern oil heat systems are much cleaner per unit of heat output than other sources of energy.
Open competition: conclusion of the contract to realize the full range of works (development of technical design, procurement and supply of materials and equipment, installation and commissioning of the provision of a complete set of as-built documentation) on the device unit of heat energy metering with 6-pin (2 of them are commercial and 4 for internal use ), released in the water heating system from the boiler house of teplosnab 2010.
Request for quotations: Provision Of Services For The Development Of The Documentation Stage P Unit Of Heat Energy Accounting Khostinsky PSP FGKU YURPSO EMERCOM Of Russia Location: Russian Federation, Krasnodar, Sochi, UL.