unit of heat

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u·nit of heat

1. calorie (gram calorie; kilocalorie);
2. Synonym(s): British thermal unit
3. Synonym(s): joule


James P., English physicist, 1818-1889.
joule - Synonym(s): unit of heat
Joule equivalent - the dynamic equivalent of heat.
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Which imperial unit of heat was replaced by the joule in the SI system?
Studies have shown that modern oil heat systems are much cleaner per unit of heat output than other sources of energy.
Open competition: conclusion of the contract to realize the full range of works (development of technical design, procurement and supply of materials and equipment, installation and commissioning of the provision of a complete set of as-built documentation) on the device unit of heat energy metering with 6-pin (2 of them are commercial and 4 for internal use ), released in the water heating system from the boiler house of teplosnab 2010.