unit of energy

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u·nit of en·er·gy

1. CGS system: erg, joule;
2. MKS system: newton-meter (joule);
3. FPS system: foot-poundal;
4. gravitational unit: gram-centimeter, gram-meter, kilogram-meter, foot-pound;
5. SI: joule.
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They calculated that, for each unit of energy produced by solar cells, the net emissions of greenhouse gases and other pollutants due to the cells' manufacture were between 2 and 11 percent of what power plants in the United States and the European Union would emit to make the same amount of energy, the scientists report online and in the March 15 Environmental Science Technology.
In those environments, says Austin, the cost per unit of energy over a digester's 15- to 20-year life cycle is lower than both solar electrification and the cost of extending a conventional electrical grid.
LifeWave says it is believed that the patches communicate the information needed to initiate the transport of fats to the cells for ATP production (the basic unit of energy in every cell).
Today, capital costs aside, it costs four times more to generate a unit of energy using gas than it does using coal, says Sarkus.
Profits per unit of energy volume relate strongly to operating efficiency, but significant differences persist among top utilities
Contract notice: Construction of a unit of energy recovery and redevelopment of the current site benesse-maremne (uve) lot no.
Our process yields nearly four units of energy for every unit of energy it consumes and has a life cycle carbon footprint that is 80% less than that for traditional gasoline.
From 2011, suppliers will have to reduce emissions per unit of energy by 1% a year from 2010 levels.
Per unit of energy gained, biodiesel requires 1 percent of the nitrogen, 8.
Carbon fiber structures, on the other hand, sustain microscopic cracks; a foot of composite might sustain 10,000 microcracks, each essentially representing a unit of energy absorption.
Famous sons of Sale include the scientist JP Joule after whom the SI unit of energy is named; dramatist Robert Bolt, who wrote A Man for All Seasons and screenplays for Lawrence of Arabia, Dr Zhivago and Ryan's Daughter; and Darren Campbell, gold-medallist at the European Championships 1998 and silvermedallist at the 2000 SydneyOlympics.