identity matrix

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i·den·ti·ty ma·trix

a square matrix in which the quantities on the diagnonal from top left to bottom right are all equal to 1 and all the other entries are 0.
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3] = k to represent 2 x 2 quaternion unit matrix, for instance.
1], the choice of the unit matrix (of desired order during the solution of the system of linear equations AX = B (by elementary row operations may save the number of iterations considerably.
In other words, any m x n matrix can be deducted into a equivalence matrix which including a r x r unit matrix by a finite series row elementary transformation.
column vector b is non-negative), till to perform B as the form including a unit matrix as its sub-matrix.
1) The constrain equations are independently when the case of a whole row is transformed into 0, then, the augment coefficients matrix B can be decreasing dimension from m x (n + 1) to (m - 1) x (n + 1), the dimension of the unit matrix is (m - 1) x (m - 1).
Officers from the anti-gun crime unit Matrix raided a property in Stonedale Crescent, Norris Green on Thursday night.
Nobody was injured in the attacks, but Merseyside's Police's anti-gun crime unit Matrix have moved in to investigate the crimes and find those responsible.
An area around Maureen Walk was sealed off as detectives from anti-gun unit Matrix looked for clues.