unit clerk

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an employee who keeps records and does other general office work.
unit clerk (ward clerk) a worker on a nursing unit who schedules patients for prescribed studies, prepares charts for patients, answers the phone on the unit, and handles other general clerical tasks. In some provinces of Canada, ward clerks of certain types of facilities are also trained to transcribe orders. Called also unit secretary.
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The time between when unit clerks enter discharge orders to when beds are turned over for new patients has been reduced.
If it's not an emergency, the unit clerk can tell the resident we can't be disturbed right now, but we'll be with them shortly.
By populating the electronic MAR directly from the CPOE order, we have eliminated the errors previously associated with unit clerk and nurse transcription of the written physician order to the paper MAR.
Cyber Unit clerks and administrative officials decide for themselves, within the framework of an alternative enforcement system, if a certain instance of expression "is incitement to violence and terror, and support of a terror organization" or is a "forbidden publication towards public servants in the framework of their jobs."
The staffing ratio to number of patient rooms is as follows: eight registered nurses (1:5), four nursing assistants (1:10), two patient care supervisors (1:20), and two unit clerks (1:20).
Police staff involved in the dispute include community support officers (PCSOs), 999 call-takers and dispatchers, fingerprint experts, criminal justice unit clerks, custody and detention officers, and a wide range of operational and organisational support roles.
These staff members, who formerly worked in medical records or as unit clerks, are charged with helping clinicians better utilize the records system and for managing the new electronic patient record.