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1. pertaining to one eye.
2. having but one eyepiece, as in a microscope.


1. Relating to one eye only.
2. Having vision in only one eye.


Pertaining to one eye. Syn. uniocular.
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Of those women, 10 had unilocular cysts on ultrasound screening, but none of the malignancies were associated with the uniocular cysts.
He also reported that anterior chamber of the fellow eye of persons with uniocular glaucoma is shallower compared to normal.
Imaging may be useful in the differential diagnosis of apparently uniocular disease or in screening prior to surgery in those with a family history.
Table 1: Distribution of the Study Population by Age and Sex (N = 232) Age Group Male N (%) Female N (%) Total N (%) (Years) 0-4 59(60.2) 39(39.8) 98(42.2) 5-9 35(55.6) 28(44.4) 63(27.2) 10+ 39(54.9) 32(45.1) 71(30.6) Total 133(57.3) 99(42.7) 232(100) Table 2: The Visual Acuity of 201 Children According to WHO Classification Visual Acuity Group Male N Female N Total N Normal (6/4--6/18) 102(57.6) 75(42.4) 177(88.0) Visual impairment 10(62.5) 6(37.5) 16(8.0) (<6/18--3/60) Blindness (< 3/60) 4(50.0) 4(50.0) 8(4.0) Total 116 85 201(100) Table 3: The Uniocular Visual Acuity of 402 Eyes Visual Acuity Group N % Normal (6/4-6/18) 302 75.1 Visual impairment 51 12.7 (<6/18-3/60) Blindness (< 3/60) 49 12.2 Total 402 100.0
Latent nystagmus is typically associated with uniocular neonatal visual defects, particularly infantile (early-onset) esotropia, whereas infantile nystagmus syndrome is typically associated with visual defects in both eyes.
One patient had persistent uniocular vitreous hemorrhage, the second patient had bilateral late onset severe uveitis along with vitreous hemorrhage and the third patient suffered from optic neuritis sequelae along with hemorrhage on macula.
When cataract develops patient complains of blurring of vision, uniocular diplopia, coloured halos, and distortion of image and loss of vision.
Functional changes include metamorphopsia, recent onset blurred central vision, VA loss and uniocular hyperopic shift.
In our study, majority of the subjects 40(38.8%) had no visual deficit, 26(25.2%) had uniocular visual deficit and 15(14.5%) had binocular visual deficit.
Clearly patients with only one good eye need to consider the risks of any elective ocular surgical intervention with particular care, but laser refractive surgery is now sufficiently safe that most surgeons no longer regard uniocular status as an absolute contraindication to treatment.
Local: The local examination was done under bright illumination with the help of uniocular corneal loupe (10x) and +13 dioptre condensing lens.
If one eye was injured or was known to be artificial, only a uniocular optic nerve sheath diameter measurement was made over the unaffected eye.